Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still struggling...

I asked mein Herr to see if he could figure out a step-by-step process for me to move pics from my computer to Photobucket to this blog. Well, not so much. This MacBook is new for us, and he hasn't had the time to play with the iphoto or some of the other bells and whistles. So...I now have a slideshow. He doesn't know how he did it. Oh well. Life moving on. JJ and I put the left side of the warp through the heddles, then J and I finished the right side. I did sley about three sections through the reed, but it was 9:30 and I gave up. I don't know if there are a lot of weavers with RA, but your joints will only let you sit in awkward positions for so long before they rebel totally. They woke me up about 4 am to tell me they hadn't forgotten, and they were still mad about the whole thing. Thank God for Vicodin and ibuprofen!
Today we're getting two brand new chairs -- recliners that don't look chewed on! That's a real miracle for us. One of these days, a new couch, too! The sad thing is, our chair and couch really are in good shape, structurally, but they're 20 years old, and the tweedy woven fabric hasn't held up well. The cats haven't helped much, either. Mein Herr says that if Isabella puts a claw on the new chairs, she's going to be a rug.

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