Friday, January 1, 2010


Obviously, that last post was...not right. If you click on the pic, it leads to my photobucket album where you can see all the pics about my loom. All you can really see in the pic is a very large roll of masking tape, and cat butt. Very artistic. Isabella (Spawn of Satan) feels that the loom is hers, and when we work on it, she is not happy. If you've never heard the term, 'Basement Cat', it comes from, an immense timewaster, but very entertaining.
I just finished listening to a podcast from, and nearly had to use a box of tissues. The host was podcasting with her mother, and talking about how they have crafted together over the years. Maybe it was just because I had just been over at Mom's, but I really miss having her as a resource to bounce ideas off of, or to cook with. We both tend to be "cook-by-the-seat-of-the-pants" types, rather than sticking firmly to a recipe, and usually end up looking in the cupboards to see what would taste good thrown into whatever we're making. Mom is 97 (98 in June), and due to the macular degeneration, and the deafness/word loss caused by mini-strokes, she finds it hard to communicate. She also is forgetting a lot. It nearly broke my heart when she came over to help us warp us the loom, and we ended up warping it completely backward because I was following her directions. She's warped more looms than I probably ever will. I resolve to tell more stories about her in this blog, to help keep her alive.

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