Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I keep getting monstrously good ideas to blog about, but then I think...Oh, I should post pics with it, and time at home now is so limited, I keep putting it off. But things are happening here, often too much at a time.
I did a craft show at Mt. Zion last Saturday, and did really fairly well. D stayed with me all day, and made some great suggestions. I should remember more often that he actually does have a degree in business management. Of course, have multiple price points helps a lot. A lady near me had a booth with only a few items in it -- carefully hand-quilted items, but pricey. I'm absolutely sure they were worth every dime, but a lot of people just browse at shows, they're really not ready to lay out a hundred bucks or so, especially in this economy. She was frustrated by the end of the day with her lack of business, and kept coming over to my booth to stare at my repurposed paper jewelry and buttons, which were selling like mad, and kept muttering, "It's just PAPER!" I felt bad, but I didn't know what to say. 'Green' sells. And inexpensive sells. People can walk away with a piece of cute jewelry that is recycled from vintage comic books (I would say fairly unusual) and they haven't gone broke. Don't come to my booth if you're wanting the Hope Diamond, or pure gold. But if you're into kitschy and vintage, I'm your woman.
I'm working like mad to replace product since I have another show in a week and a half. Crazy, I know. But I'm determined to get back to a semi-normal lifestyle and actually have a life outside school, not just be bedridden all the time. God willing.

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