Monday, February 22, 2010

My hubby loves me!

For Valentine's Day, D drove two hours to St. Louis to take me to Whole Foods for wonderful shopping. It is such an amazing place, full of interesting things we can't buy around here. We bought blood oranges -- wondrous tangy goodness -- and Meyer lemons. The cheese 'island' guys are so informative, and we bought an embarrassing amount of different cheeses. I bought some goat cheese and spicy mustard to take to German class.
A lovely Lebanese man was giving us samples of feta cheese, and olive matta on pita bread, which we devoured and, of course, bought everything. Balsamic vinegar and feta cheese are wonderful.
When we were in line, a man with two cases in his cart went on and on about the astoundingness of kombucha tea, and how it was 'the only live thing here', and we HAD to taste it. D got a green tea, and got me a cranberry juice. When he looked at his bottle, there was sediment in the bottom and he started to shake it. The man and another random woman in line flipped out and started shrieking 'Don't shake the bottle!' Apparently the woman had had a bottle explode, popping the top off, and breaking the GLASS bottle. When we got to the car, D was too afraid to actually drink his, since it was practically breathing and foaming at the mouth. I took one mouthful of mine and my tongue went numb. D read the label and the first ingredient was blue-green mountain algae -- ALGAE!!! There was supposed to be 1 billion lactobacillus organisms and 1 billion other organisms. I don't think I need 2 billion more organisms inside me. D threw his out, but I brought mine back, just to prove it to the kids.
We also bought all kinds of exotic chocolate (D put his next to his chair and Grace ate it) and fancy soap for S.
All in all a great trip -- we even cruised through The Container Store. Amazing how many boxes and shelves people can think up.

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