Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're foster parents!!

My soft-hearted daughter, who would rescue any stray puppy/kitten/turtle she happened to see, has brought us two foster cats. Their owner has had a terrible run of luck. She was in a car wreck, and her apartment burned, so her two cats were homeless. Her renter's insurance paid for them to be boarded at a vet's for a few weeks, but the money ran out. So we are hosting Mouse, a gray and black tabby male who is absolutely huge. He also hates us. He is very vocal about his unhappiness, also. Then there's Missy, a black shorthaired female who is terrified and hides under anything she can get under. Right now we're just letting them have their space and waiting for everyone to settle down. Mouse has already had two run-ins with Grace, our pit/Rottie mix, who is extremely nosy and ungraceful. She just wants to play, but he's not having any of it. Hopefully this is a short term foster. David is being wonderfully gracious at this unexpected turn-up -- thank you, lovey!!

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