Monday, December 14, 2009

Giant sigh of relief!

We're done! And really it was a success...I just wish we could have had more foot traffic. It's hard for me to judge things overall, as I get caught up in the nitpicky details. (Who turned off the Christmas music? Do we have enough spoons for the cheese soup? Should we put a mint on the trays? What did I do with those mints?) I will say that every vendor that I spoke to had nothing but gracious words for us, and especially for the hospitality. That is our speciality -- serving lunch to them at their booths, bringing them coffee and tea all day long, and because of my claustrophobia, making sure everyone was not crowded elbow to elbow in the placing of booths.
I didn't do badly myself, although I never can predict what will sell and what won't. I really want to get some more weaving in for next time, and K is right now weaving a rug for her friend for Christmas, threatening J with death and destruction if he messes with it. Her OCD makes her stress about making every section perfect, even though I tell her it won't matter. I want to warp up with black and white next time, and weave up the old chenille blankets.

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