Monday, December 21, 2009

Why didn't someone tell me?

Somehow, somewhere, I figured that I had another week until Christmas. Last Friday, the awful news dawned on me: Christmas is THIS WEEK! My only excuse is exams are rotting my brain. I have one more day, and then it's Christmas Adam. You know...because Adam came before Eve. That's when my family opens their gifts...and I went nuts Saturday wrapping gifts because if I hadn't, there wouldn't be any to open. I just have my MIL's to finish. However, I have much more cooking/baking to do. I did do several food-in-a-jar gifts last night: Spiced Mexican Hot Cocoa, Sand-Art Brownies, and Christmas Soup. I do like giving soup mixes, because it seems you're overwhelmed with sweetness this time of year. And they're handy to have on hand for those cold, snowy days.
My husband has had a nasty cold for a whole week -- really, I think it was more like bronchitis, since the doctor said his lungs were congested. I made him hot tea, medicated him religiously, and in return, he gave me the cold. Four days before Christmas. sigh.
I do have all my sewing done, I think, and eldest daughter is finishing the firewood carrier she designed for her future in-laws. She has no fear of diving into ambitious projects, definitely. And speaking of ambitious projects, we need to get that loom warped. Today. Or tomorrow, for sure. Or's such a huge and back-breaking task, I'm procrastining.

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