Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Starting all over again.........

Somehow over the last few years, I've lost my blog. I don't know where it went, or how to find it again. So, I begin again. The first blog was begun to chronicle my diagnosis with follicular lymphoma, and my treatments, to keep my family members up to date. There were many days I didn't feel up to phone conversations, but typing a few lines was possible. Now the chemo is over, and since I had the radical reaction to the last Rituxin treatment in June, there are no more treatments in the foreseeable future. My CAT scan on November 30 showed that the lymph nodes have either disappeared or at least have not enlarged. It is a relief not to have Rituxin this December since my schedule is so full, as it really fatigues me, and the last set made me continually nauseous.
Thankfully, the drama production is over, and Holiday in the Halls, our school craft show, is upon me in three days. I really need to sew coasters tonight, although my joints are crabbing loudly at this cold front breezing through. My goal: Learn to use my camera correctly to be able to upload pics to this blog and use it to sell my designs. Hopefully, this winter I will have time to work on this project.

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