Friday, December 11, 2009

I don't think I'm ready.....

Well, tonight's the night the madness begins. Vendors for our craft show, Holiday in the Halls, can begin setting up at 5:00 tonight. Pray for me that I can maintain peace and serenity as I juggle information. It seems that I've always overlooked something. Or several somethings. I must say that of the gifts God has given me, organization is not one of them. My stomach is in knots just thinking of all the work ahead in the next 24 hours.
BUT, if you're in central Illinois, and want to see an absolutely fantastic craft show -- every booth full of handmade goodies, come to Decatur Christian School and see the Holiday in the Halls! We have tons of jewelry, purses, soy candles, embroidered everything, crocheted allsorts of whatsis, photographic art, and so much more I can't remember. It's Saturday, 8 - 3, and I'm planning to collapse about 5:30. I may not revive until Monday.
And I really wanted to make a lot more coasters, but my fingers and back gave out last night. And I haven't really made any more jewelry since the show in November. Oh, well. It is what it is. I did get a few more buttons made -- I'm not a rocket surgeon, and a few about fabric/quilting.

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